Art Gallery Directory Submissions

Kgo Designs is very experienced in art marketing services. Rest assured we understand Search Engines and the guidelines to follow. All our art visibility services are tailor made to fit your art business and will increase your Search Engine rankings & Website traffic.

Art Gallery Directory submissions for Art Visibility.

With over a million directory websites out there it’s important to know which one’s you would want to submit your art gallery too. Kgo Designs has taken the time to identify some of these major directories. Let us submit your art gallery to these sites. Art lovers look in many different places to connect with art that they love. If your not representing your art studio or art gallery in these places you are missing out. We have made this process very easy for you. Our plans start out from 20 submissions all the way up to about 150 submissions. If you were to do this yourself it would take about 8 -12 hours. Let us do it for you. To find out more you will have to contact us.


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Niche submissions for  Art Visibility

Generic directory listings are nice and all but what happens when you want your art gallery submitted to art specific directory sites. When you target these niche art sites not only do you gain direct art visibility traffic but you let the search engines know that your business is an Art business. Let Kgo Designs Art visibility service identify and submit your business to these niche sites. You tell us how many and we go to work for You.

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Geo-targeted submissions for art visibility

What is a geo -targeted submission? It’s when we take your art business location(s) and submit it to city or state specific directories. The value in this is immense since the traffic that you will receive will usually be from a user in your area. It’s as simple as telling us the number you want and we will identify and submit.

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