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Kgo Designs has brought her artistic talents to the city of Dallas. Expect to see Kgo at some of the art festivals and art events in the community. Geared with the mentality of not only helping this art business, we look forward to gaining some other reputable artists local to Dallas and surrounding area. Located in the heart of downtown Dallas, we look to bring our vibrant paintings to the masses. Make sure you check out our art event calendar to know where we will be.

Since we are in Dallas, we want to be apart of the growing art culture here. Our original art paintings will bare the signals of the heart and soul of some of the most popular and significant pieces known to this area. Check out our Pinterest board that includes selected art pieces that we want to share.

Artistic Services in Dallas

Since one of the managing partners of Kgo Designs is also a VP of Local Search with a local Inc 500 digital marketing agency, we have crafted one of the only art visibility services for art galleries or individual artists. Even though this is a nationwide service we have very tight guidelines for individuals or galleries that we approach. Just a little peek inside this service will unvail a marketing platform that has taken around 100 hours to formulate and gets over 70 million unique visitors each month

Art Gallery Dallas

Kgo Designs art gallery is by appointment only. So if your feeling froggy take the leap into the world of Kgo. Emerge yourself in true custom paintings and crafts. Not only do we have  evolving artwork we also have specialty craft items.

Kgo Designs

Artist in Dallas that does custom art paintings, artistic services and art Marketing.
222 Browder Street
Phone: 214-935-8891

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