About Kgo Designs

Wall Mural Kgo DesignsKGO Designs is your connection to the art world, for both artists and those who appreciate artwork alike. We are an ever changing, living, breathing entity that appreciates the true sense of style, mood and rhythm of art.

KGO Designs has various services available. For our clientele, we connect them with the right artists, as according to their particular tastes and desires in adorning their space(s). As artists ourselves, we understand that for as many various styles and tastes that our clientele have, there are just as many artists who can meet those tastes, and sometimes even exceed the expectations of the art lover. This is why we encourage and support artists to partake in a part of our company.

We wish to help our participating artists to excel to their fullest potential when they collaborate with us. We have various artistic services available in helping our artists to reach such levels of professionalism, from ensuring worldwide exposure through submission to large online galleries, to helping them reach the right buyer who truly appreciates their work. We also have various means of aiding artists in their continuous, lifelong progression in learning how to truly express themselves through their artwork, while continuing to keep that personalized style that is of their own.