Specialty Art Items

Similar to many talented artist, Kgo Designs readily envisions the potential for beauty and expression through various mediums of art, and often in everyday objects. What might appear to be an everyday object through the eyes of many, often easily become the spark of an idea, the initial piece of the puzzle to another Gusto masterpiece.

Head artist Kgo has many specialties. Some of her means &/or methods she uses date centuries back into time.

Hand painting glass speciality items

For instance, has been an art for years into history. As far back as the 17th century, the Polish, Spanish and Austrians often drank from hand painted wine glasses. During this same century, it began to become customary for European travelers to carry on them hand painted glass bottles, containing snuff (crushed tobacco, which was then the only legal way of using tobacco), customarily offered upon greeting someone.

Wood painting specialty items

Dates back quite some time, as well. Another historic form of art that Kelly finds appealing. This means of work dates so far back in fact, that it’s quite difficult to even begin to estimate a time frame when people painting such an object due to its inability to remain preserved. Artifacts of panel (wood) painting have been found to date as far back as 6th century BC in Greece, and it is quite certainly a means of expression that had been started numerous years prior.

Bringing us to the more recent of times, Kgo Designs very much enjoys both cork art and bottle cap art. A more trendy and current look, these pieces are perfect for the now, especially with the new trends in going green. Much like a collage, in fitting together corks or bottle caps, whether be within a frame, under the glass of a coffee table, or even as a three dimensional wall hanging, a very unique and original piece is created every time. These pieces become something that truly cannot be replicated in an identical manner, even by the hands of the original artist.

All of Kgo Designs specialty artwork can be custom made or can be left up to Kelly to become an original Kgo inspiration. She enjoys challenges and creating pieces that will genuinely express the mood you desire.