Wall Murals

Bare walls do not make an impression, nor are they any good to look at. One way to fill the void in a wall is to use paintings, pictures and other wall hangings that suit the room’s decor. Another way to brighten up the room is to go for wall murals that cover the entire wall, leaving no room for boring plain spaces.

There was a time when murals were seen only in places like churches, museums, schools etc. But now, you can have a mural painted right on your living room or bed room wall.

KGO Designs is a pioneer in designing exciting wall murals in varied themes. We do wall murals of all kinds and in all sizes, to meet your requirement and style.

Choose from a Wide Range of Themes

A wall mural can be customized to your liking, to create the atmosphere you want in the room. Choose from our existing designs or let us make a customized wall mural for you. The themes you can choose from include nature, animals, sports, art, entertainment and culture, cartoons, food and drink, fantasy, space and more. You can also choose specific themes to go with the purpose of the room.

If you want wall murals to decorate the space in your office, you can go for customized designs that depict the vision and personality of your firm. Wall murals are especially perfect for reception areas, where using other accessories for decoration may not be feasible. Also, the reception area is the first place that your potential client or employee would step into, and the right wall mural gives you a chance to make that best first impression on them.

Colorful Art for Home

Wall murals are paintings by artists. They can be reproductions of artworks that you like, or they can be original. Original wall murals are unique and inspired, and can inspire the observer too. Wall murals can also have a soothing and calming effect on the people in the room. For instance, a mural depicting a waterfall or any other water body is said to have a relaxing effect on a person. Such a mural can be a great choice for your living room, or even bedroom.

Custom Wall Murals at Affordable Prices

Whether you need to create a relaxing atmosphere or a cheerful one, you can do so with a well-designed wall mural. KGO Designs offers a wide range of artistic services including wall mural designing at competitive prices. To know more about our services, contact us today.

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