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From musicians to glass blowers, to culinary arts, I look forward to meeting with you all. Let’s pull together in an effort to create an amazing movement, which gives back to our local economy. Meet me and some of the team.

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I Kelly Gottuso, otherwise known as “Kgo” have always had a passion for the arts. As a young, upstate New York child in the very early years of my life I began to draw and paint with my spare time. I continued forth to explore various forms of art from sculpture to jewelry making, drawing, photography and painting. Of the various forms of art that I’ve learned to express myself through, painting has always been my favorite. I love using the media in the form of acrylic and oil, feel drawn toward bold colors, and find the most enjoyment in working on large scale projects, such as custom wall murals. No project is of too large or small a scale for me though. No surface overlooked, be it wall or canvas.

Having been in South Florida from 2009- May 2013, I have felt it to be a truly blessed experience, and am currently working on creating a well-known name for myself in South Florida region and now Dallas, as not only an artist but a leader of creativity in the art world. Eventually, I intend to branch out into other major international cities, bringing KGO Designs along with me. My grand vision is to open numerous galleries, infusing art into various cities throughout the world. I aspire to bring together communities by adding a sense of the arts to the areas lacking.

In working towards these visions, one of the couple of projects my team and I are currently focusing on at KGO Design is to find local buildings to paint large murals on, as well as requesting local artists to contact me who might be interested in becoming part of my team of wall muralists. If you are at all drawn to the idea of this project, please do not refrain from reaching out to me, regardless of whether you’re a novice artist or someone interested in starting a new hobby. You never know… this project and the inspirational, like-minded creative people you’ll meet might be just what you need to help you gain the confidence you might be lacking. Everyone has a different area in which they excel in the art world. All that is important is your passion. If you so desire, I can even help you in the areas that you are weaker, as I give private and group art lessons. I’m also hoping to network with like-minded individuals in order to create art/music shows across the globe. The goal of these events would be to help strengthen our local communities through brightening the lives of those who live within through art, as well as by using money raised as donations to local charities and organizations.

We have an amazing opportunity here to pull together in an effort to create an amazing movement, which gives back to our local economy. Please contact me if you believe you want to be a part of something truly amazing.

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