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Kgo Designs team is made of artists who are passionate about their work. We believe in creating the best and offer a wide range of original paintings, wall murals and other artistic services to homes and businesses across the Globe. Not only do we promote our art, but also encourage budding artists in the region by displaying their artworks in hundreds of art websites. If you are a gifted artist, looking for a platform to introduce your art to the world, Kgo Designs is the place to begin.

Why Join Kgo Designs?

At Kgo Designs, we value original art greatly. Reproducing artwork, exactly as it was made by its creator, is an art in itself. But original paintings have a uniqueness that reproductions don’t. For one, an original painting is the result of an artist’s inspiration, which adds value to it.

Kgo Designs encourages local artists to create original artworks that can be used for beautifying homes and offices. Artists working in collaboration with us will have numerous opportunities to showcase their talent, owing to the increasing clientele we have.

Kgo Designs art visibility service

Art Visibility with Kgo Designs Artistic Services

Need a platform to display your art? Submit your artwork to Kgo and let us show it to the rest of the world. Kgo Designs has over 350 art galleries online that we can submit too, which portray the work of local artists across the world. With us, you don’t have to worry about the hassles of submitting your work to different art galleries.

With our Art visibility service, your art work potential will be seen by over 70 million visitors every month. Not only do we display your work, we can also promote it through our newsletters and press releases that are sent to around 1 million subscribers each month.

Why delay? Take advantage of our Art Visibility services and helps us bring your artwork from behind closed doors and make it visible and available to people who genuinely appreciate and desire it.

Earn with Passion

Genuinely gifted artists need no marketing. Their work speaks for itself. At Kgo Designs, that is exactly what we help you do. We help you speak through your art. Not only will you get the due recognition for your work as an artist, but you will also be earning an income through the work you do for us. Whatever your talent is, be it painting portraits, landscapes or wall mural painting, your contribution to KGO Designs will be of immense value.

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If you are an artist and wish to know more about working with us to promote your work, contact us today at We are always pleased to work with people who share our passion for arts.

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